Monday, October 13, 2008

Kansas City Weekend, Oct 9-11

What a great event we had. Two certification classes, one SCS get together, and a visit to the Creating Keepsakes convention. From left, here's a photo of my two roommates Sharon Harnist, (me) and Lori Craig, and last but certainly not least, Terry Cain who coordinated the hotel arrangements. This was a blast of a weekend! I can't wait to see everyone again. (photo courtesy of Sharon, but I don't know who snapped the pic).

For more pics, check out Misti's blog. No comment on the candy corn!

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Charleston Class stuff

To get the full story about this class you need to read Keri's account.

Meanwhile, here are more photos, courtesy Mary Kelly. She did a nice job capturing the climax of each certification class, the signing of the certificates- Very important of course. Whenever I sign these I usually am struggling to stay focused because we always end up giggling and getting VERY sidetracked during the last few minutes of my classes. The photos make me look like I know what I'm doing, but really I'm a scatter brain by the time 4pm comes.

Charleston, SC Class October 1

What a fun bunch and what a fun class!

A special thanks to the little brown men who finally brought us our class supplies, though we made do, in thanks to Keri Lee Sereika and her amazing marker sharing once again (she's making a habit of saving Copic when our packages don't arrive).

I was sent some photos by Broni Holcombe, so here you go. As I get more I'll post them. I'll see everyone in KC!